Britain Pushes for Trade, France Says Wait

Bruno Le Maire

As Britain attempts to soften Brexit's economic blow, its ministers are trying to reduce payments to the European Union.

Macron Reforms Labor to Stimulate Economy

Emmanuel Macron signed five decrees despite crowds of protesters decrying the move.

France’s First Move in the Looming Brexit Job Race War

In a move that is likely to underline the pro-business reform agenda of the recently elected president Emmanuel Macron, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a raft of new tax initiativ

Emmanuel Macron Unveils His Remarkable Vision to Promote Rapid Economic Changes at the Versailles


President Emmanuel Macron recently grabbed the headlines during the launch of his extraordinary vision before Congress in Versailles.

How France Aims At Re-Establishing Itself as an Economic Juggernaut Post-Brexit


France’s president, Emmanuel Macron and his prime minister, Eduard Philippe, have embarked on an ambitious plan to bolster the country’s economic position in the wake.

New French Government Pushing for Market Reforms to Create Economic Flexibility

Overtime, France has developed one of the strictest labor markets in the world. In other words, companies must meet a host of regulations set by the government itself.