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Systematic Torture by France

President Macron

France has agreed for the very first time in history that it conducted torture during the independence war of Algeria in a systematic manner.

President Macron Breaks French Silence on Algerian Torture

President Macron

President Macron Breaks French Silence on Algerian Torture

France Is Encouraging Children to Watch Cartoon in English in a Drive to Improve Their Language Skill.

Language Skill

France is one of the most industrialized nations in the European Union and on Earth. It has a trillion dollar economy and is one of the veto powers in the United Nation’s Security Council.

No Longer Mon Ami? French Survey Reveals Waning Respect for the United States


The good people of France have spoken, and they are not too impressed with the political state of affairs across the Atlantic.

France Defeats Netherlands in First Game at Home Since Winning the World Cup

2018 FIFA World Cup

France and the Netherlands are no strangers when it comes to great battles on the football field, and their latest matchup did not disappoint as these two squads once again battled until the very e

A President of the Opulent Group Sliding to Record Low

President Emmanuel Macron

The plunge of one man may be the turning point occasioning to the rising of another.