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Paris Book Stands Seek UNESCO Status

Parisian bouquinistes

The distinctive green stalls of Parisian bouquinistes, or book stalls, have long graced the banks of the Seine River.

"Veggie" burgers are out in France

Veggie burgers

The language surrounding vegetarian and vegan foods in France will be getting a makeover.

Trump And Macron Plant Trees, Drink Wine

President Macron and President Trump

United States president Donald Trump and French President Emmanual Macron held a dual press conference at the White House on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

French President Emmanuel Macron Visits Trump To Discuss Trade And The Iran Nuclear Accord

President Macron

President Donald Trump got a royal French welcome when he was President Emmanuel Macron’s guest last year.

Immigration Reform Bill Passes French National Assembly

President Macron

If President Macron's La Republique En March Party (LREM) has their way, France could soon put tougher immigration laws into effect.

Macron Seeks Eurozone Reforms in Berlin

President Macron

On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Marcon visited Berlin, trying to garn