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France Criticizes Tariffs and Trump's Trade Policy

Last month, US President Donald Trump issued tariffs on steel and aluminum imports coming into the United States from a number of different countries.

Ballerina Trouble: Sexual Harassment On and Off the Stage


On-stage ballet dancers are the picture of exquisite grace, each step perfectly planned, and each leap ideally executed yet when not performing is appears that the dancers are experiencing unwelcom

Frenchman Undergoes Second Face Transplant

Face Transplant

43-year-old Jérôme Hamon is the first person to ever undergo two facial transplants. In an interview held three months aft

The City of Paris Suing Airbnb


On Thursday, a Paris official announced that the city was suing the popu

Italian Aid Groups: French Immigration Police Illegally Altering Immigrant Data

French Immigration Police

International cross-border humanitarian organizations have come out in strong condemnation against the French police for allegedly falsifying biography details of immigrants with the biased intent

French Rail Workers Begin Strike Campaign

French Rail

French rail workers have begun to strike on a national level in response to the months of t