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French Rail Unions Oppose Government Reforms

French Rail Unions

The French government has announced new proposals to reform the French railway sy

The French Government Has A New Plan To Stop Extremist Behavior

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe

France wants to stop the wave of extremism that young people in the country’s immigrant suburbs experience daily.

A Famous Islamic Scholar Tariq Ramadan Arrested For Rape Allegations

Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan who is a famous Muslim scholar has been arrested by police in France who are now conducting investigations on allegations of sexual assault rape that have been leveled against him.

Are the French Capable Of Mixing Renewable and Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

The French have a giant nuclear power base that is planning the renewable energy wave that is taking 21st-century energy industry by storm.

Small Bordeaux Yield May Not Lead to Price Hike

The Bordeaux wine

Winemakers in Bordeaux watched in agony as extreme frosts led to a

The French first Lady Meets Angelina Jolie Who Was on a Family trip to Paris

angelina jolie

The First Lady of France, Brigitte macron greeted Angelina Jolie who is an Oscar-winning Hollywood star in the French capital at the Elysee.