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Messages from WWI Discovered in Charmoy

A Charmoy residenct has recently discovered English text scrawled across the walls of his home.

Paris Second Most Desirable City For Real Estate Investors, New Study Reveals

A new report out of London-based firm Knight Frank shows that the world'

President Macron Vows to Fight Anti-Semitism

President Macron

France is the home to more Jewish people than any other country in Europe. Only Israel and the United States have higher Jewish populations.

New French Laws Aim to Impose Catcalling and Wolf-Whistling Fines

Paying compliments to beautiful women on the streets and boulevards of Paris is a French tradition that could result in fines of more than $100.

France To Set Age of Consent at 15

Marlene Schiappa

The government of France has announced that it will

French Experts Say Wine Causes As Much Damage As Beer and Liquor

Several French physicians have signed a letter which urges wine consumers to co