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France Takes on Fake News

Fake News

Fake news is a growing concern in countries around the world, especially as leaders realize the impact that social media can have and the speed at which that type of media transmits.

Macron to Visit Corsica Under Tense Circumstances

Visit Corsica

On Saturday, February 3, several thousand people filled the streets of the Corsican city of Ajaccio.

The First Brothel for Sex Dolls in France opens up In Paris

For those who have had dreams of spending a night with a sex doll in the French capital have their wishes come true courtesy of first love Poupee Brothel.

French Mountain Climber Rushed to Safety in "Historic" Rescue

Mountain climber Elisabeth Revol was found on the summit over the weekend and rushed to a hospital in Pakistan.

Paris Experiences Peak Floods and the Worst rains In Five Decades

On Monday, flood waters reached their peak in Paris and were threatening to sweep towns downstream along the Seine River which was rain-engorged as it flows towards the English Channel through Norm

French Finance Officials to Investigate Nutella Sales Riots

Europeans usually pride themselves on being more polite and orderly than their American counterparts, which makes the recent scene witnessed last week at Intermarché shops across France even more i