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Paris Beat London As Top European City For Foreign Investments

President Macron

According to the latest Ernst & Young (E&Y) report

Royal Wedding Wine Soars in Popularity

The Olivier Leflaive estate in Côte-d'Or, France has seen a sharp uptick in win

Beekeepers Hold a Mock Bee Funeral in Paris to Get People to Rethink Pesticides


The bees in France, and other regions of the world, are dying. Sadly, it seems that the world is not paying attention.

EU Recommends France Border Police to Learn and Use English Language to Improve on Competence

France Border Police

The European Union concluded to compel France border guards to learn and use English while at work.

French Vineyards Sustain Significant Storm Damage

Severe storm systems striking French vineyards in some coastal regions during the months of April and May have destroyed an estimated

The French Government Accused of Double Standards after Deporting a Tunisian National

Paris has been accused of having double standards for deporting a heroic 25-year-old Tunisian. The Tunisian national saved the lives of two minors from a burning building.