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The Sale of Formula One is Under Investigation

Formula One

It is not clear whether the body governing motorsports had anything to do with the sale of Formula One, an auto-racing that was sold at an estimate of $4.4 billion.

Sexual Harassment in France

Sexual Harassment

Four days ago, a French journalist

Gender Equal French Sparks Controversy

France Proposes Legislation Against Catcalling

A woman from the French government wants to pass a law that would

The Way Women Give Birth In France Is Changing

Giving Birth

There is a study that was recently conducted by the National Institute for Research and health that showed that the way French women give

Worry Looms In France and EU As US President Trump Backs Away From Iran Deal

 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

If French President, Emmanuel Macron follows through on his consideration to reassure Tehran of his commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal by visiting the country, it will be the first time a French h