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Despite Macron's Promises, Tough Conditions Still Exist For Refugees Stuck On Paris Streets


The cold winter air is making it more difficult for hundreds of refugees who are still sleeping on the streets of Paris as they wait for asylum in France.

Famed French Chef Passes Away

Paul Bocuse

French culinary giant Paul Bocuse has past away at the age of 91 from Parkinson's disease.

France Cracks Down After Annual New Year's Mayhem

France Cracks Down

France has a history of violence over the last few New Years, but President Emmanuel Macron is calling for a crackdown after

The French Government Says That the Female Jihadists from France May Be Tried In Syria

Female Jihadist

There has been a hotly contested debate about French nationals who became married to Islamist fighters in Syria who are now in custody.

Trying To Get Help From The French Government

French Governement

The Latest on The French Women Who Converted To Jihadism

President Emmanuel Macron’s new Year’s Address Outlines his Plans for the Country

President Macron

President Emmanuel Macron leveraged his new year’s televised address to the French people to emphasize the need for a strong European Union.