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President Macron Is Putting His Promised Labor Reforms In Place

President Macron

Donald Trump is not the only politician who makes what some call, “ambitious promises” on the campaign trail. French President Emmanuel Macron did the same thing when he was running for president.

French Roma Woman Sets Eyes on Senate

French Senate

Anina Ciuciu is not your typical candidate for the French Senate.

230 Years Later, We May Learn the True Fate of French Explorer La Perouse

La Perouse

Finally, the 230-year-old riddle of famed explorer

Emmanuel Macron Adopts a Dog

President E. Macron

Although Emmanuel Macron's poll numbers have suffered a bit recently, there is one French citizen who is always happy to see him.

Forest Fires Ravage Southern France

Forest Fire

While flood conditions continue to disrupt the United States' Golf Coast, French citizens and tourists alike are left begging for rain as wildfires continue to burn their way through the country's

A Meeting in France between African and European Leaders

The problem of immigration is becoming a worldwide problem as almost every developed nation is being flooded with immigrants. What is left now is to find alternatives to end the causes of immigration. France has also had its share of problems when dealing with immigrants from Africa. This is the reason why four European leaders met with their African counterparts to discuss how they can tackle the issue immigration.

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