Worry Averts Depression in Some Situations

According to a new study, worrying neutralizes adverse consequences of the disease. Sometimes, worrying is a good as it helps to plan better, focus better.

Researchers found association between anxiety and depression. People with depression also have anxiety and vice versa.

There are two forms of anxiety: anxious arousal- fearful alertness or panic and anxious apprehension, also known as worry.

Anxious arousal activates a region in the right inferior temporal lobe – just behind the ear whereas worry activates a region in the left frontal lobe that is linked to speech production.

Brain scans were done to observe which brain regions were activated in response to emotional words.

Result depicted that anxious arousal enhanced activity in that part of the right frontal lobe that is also active in depression, but only when worry was low. Neural activity was higher in the depressed and worried but not fearful participants.

Depression with worry is better than depression with fear as it helps to focus on the task and not on the emotional content.

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