OVME Power Couple: Dr. Mark McKenna and Gianine Abdallah

Is there anything more inspiring than a true power couple? When these duos make it work as a family, as well as finding success after success in their professional life, there’s a lot to admire. Dr.Mark McKenna and Gianine Adbullah are a fantastic example of that couple everyone would like to be.

That’s why it’s no wonder that they were voted as a pair of the 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans for the 2014 issue of Jezebel Magazine. The local publication is the premier source for society and fashion news in Atlanta, and they feature a yearly collection of residents who are rated as the best looking, most philanthropic, and most community-minded.

It’s easy to see why Dr. Mark McKenna and his wife made the cut – and it’s very hard to argue with their inclusion in the top list. They each faced down challenging odds to make it to the top, and now they spend their time not only building their own businesses but also investing in the community.

Gianine is also the mother of Milana Elle, the couple’s daughter, alongside having a successful life story since moving to the US at the age of 10. Originally from Brazil, she didn’t know a word of English when she made the move. But did that hold her back? Not at all – she graduated from Georgia State University as well as modeling. She now runs her own company, Gianine Bikini, which sells Brazilian bikinis and intimates for the discerning customer.

Hurricane Katrina played a large part in Dr.Mark McKenna’s current success, believe it or not. Where most people would mourn the loss of millions of dollars of portfolio and stick to the small fry from then on, it simply wasn’t enough for him. Instead, when the hurricane destroyed much of his real estate investments in New Orleans, he picked himself up and carried on working hard to rebuild his empire.

He started to rebuild homes in the community, clearing out the flood damage and refurbishing where needed. He chose to work with low and medium income housing so that those who were displaced by the hurricane would be able to begin rebuilding their lives as well. By using subsidies for rebuilding, he was able to continue making an impact in the city despite the loss of most of the portfolio that he had built up under McKenna Venture Investments. This bought him the time he needed to grow his capital again, before making the decision to return to medicine with a new venture.

Now, the couple is also involved in various charitable and community organizations. Their ambition is not only to be successful for themselves, but also to play an active part in the community and local charities. They have taken part in organizations such as Himalayan Children’s Charities, the Enchanted Closet, the Mark Caroll and Friends Toy Drive, Toys For Tots, Angel Flight, Camp Horizon, and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also involved in plenty of local community organizations and had a strong involvement in the community back in New Orleans as well. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and was previously a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He also served on the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

As for the future, it’s all about one thing for Dr.Mark McKenna: his latest venture, OVME. This takes the work that he began with ShapeMed and elevates it to a new level. Rather than going back to the model that worked last time and simply starting again, he has new, bold plans in mind. This is going to be the service that you recognize on a national level whenever you think about elective healthcare and aesthetics in the future, and it is already beginning to stir up a lot of attention. I know we’re a bit far off from Botox as college students, but being able to order

Well, maybe two things. He is, after all, a proud family man!

Still, OVME looks set to change the future of the medical profession. While it may seem like a simple clinic right now, from the outside, there’s a lot more going on under the surface. This is a clinic reserved only for the best medical practitioners – and only members can indulge in their services. Why do you need to be a member? Well, because members are going to be the ones to benefit from the industry-changing feature that is set to launch soon: the OVME app.

This app is going to revolutionize the way you get your aesthetic healthcare. The process will be simple. You sign up to the app, select the procedure that you are interested in, and undergo a consultation via video link. If all is well, the doctor will book a date with you for your service. Then they come to you, wherever you want them to visit, and perform the procedure – perhaps in your own home. Before you know it, you’re done.

Prepare to see a lot more of Mark and Gianine McKenna. They’re going to be everywhere!

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