French Oil Firm May Leave Iran

French Oil Firm

Last week, President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement.

Mobile Phone Outage Sweeps France

Mobile Phone

On Tuesday, Orange S.A.

France Recalls Cheese After Children Get Sick


There is a very popular type of cheese called reblochon. It is made in an area that is close to the French Alps. Some children recently became sick in France.

Peaches For Paris!: The City Of Lights Has A New Local Currency

City Of Lights

As of May 12th, Parisians can use a new local currency called pêches in stores with the distinctive "peach" l

Students Protest Throughout France

Students Protest

Student protests at several universities throughout France have

Agricultural Amendment Kills Vegetarian False Food Naming

Agriculture Bill

France recently amended its agriculture bill to stop the practice of describing


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French President Emmanuel Macron

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has urged the European continent to stay united and immune to externalities caused by the United States.


Paris City Council has taken the first steps to help its centuries-old "bouquiniste" stands achieve

Parisian bouquinistes

The distinctive green stalls of Parisian bouquinistes, or book stalls, have long graced the banks of the Seine River.