The French President Moves to rebrand Paris as Business Friendly

President Macron

The president of France run for the presidency on a campaign to revitalize the French economy and eliminate Paris’ reputation of a destination that is unfavorable to investors and entrepreneurs.

French Cities Make Additional Money from Renting Tax

France Economy

France has a growing economy that many people are excited about. Over the past few years, more people than ever have started to look for additional investment opportunities.

Marennes Farmer Creates Lemon-Flavored Oysters

Marennes Farmer

Marennes is well-known as the oyster capital of France, but one particular oyster farmer from the area stands out.

Iran Warns The French President Not To Follow Trump Blindly

President Macron

On Sunday, President Macron of France received sharp criticism from Tehran over his tough stance towards Iran.

French Schools Set To Ban All Mobile Devices By Next Fall

Ban Mobile Devices

Leaders in France's education system revealed that a ban on mobile device

French Fishermen Protest

Members of the French


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