Geraint Thomas Wins Tour De France, Romain Bardet Finishes Sixth

Geraint Thomas

The 2018 Tour de France officially wrapped up on Sunday as Britain's Geraint Thomas crossed the finish line in Paris.

Macron's Reforms Aren't Working Yet

President Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron was elected in part because he promised the French public that he would bring reforms to the French economy.

France President Emmanuel Macron Under Immense Pressure After an Aide Was Seen Hitting a Street Protestor.

President Emmanuel Macron

President Macron’s chief security officer was placed at the center for a scandal that is potentially damaging where he was captured hitting a protestor on Wednesday.

A French Court Has Rejected a Lawsuit by Victims of the 2015 Paris Attacks.

2015 Paris Attacks

On Wednesday, a court in Paris ruled that the state of France was not in any way responsible for the failure to avert the November 13th back to back terrorist attacks.

The French Football team won both in social media and on the pitch

 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup that was grabbed by the French team was received with cheers, dance, and songs.

Revisiting the 1972 survey on the condition of the French language

French language

Miscouche- is the 2nd Tuesday talk of the summer at the Acadian Museum. It aims to bring together 3 Island Acadians. They include Father Albin Arsenault, Claudette Theriault and Donald Arsenault.


Latest News

President Macron

Alexandre Benalla, the former Emmanuel Macron’s bodyguard, was reported to be under investigations for assaulting a protester during a rally that was held in Paris.

President Macron

The interior minister was facing parliament questioning where he defended himself saying that he correctly handled the Benalla affair.

whitney wolfe bumble gun ban

Gun control has been on the forefront of the national conversation for some time.


France was shocked last week after a brawl between two of the country’s biggest rappers and their entourages at Paris-Orly airport.

Disease-Resistant Grapes

France is home to some of the best wines in the world. There is much work that is required to produce a good crop of grapes and keep grape vines in the best shape.