The French President revives His Country’s Partnership with Africa and China

President Macron

After years of stagnation, the cooperation between the Chinese and the French governments in the African continent could finally materialize on issues of climate change, security, and political sta

Flood Waters Continue to Rise in Paris and Suburbs


Residents in the wider Paris region are bracing themselves for more flooding as the water levels of the rivers Seines and Marne continued to rise overnight.

Asylum Requests Soar in France

French Governement

Asylum requests in France during 2017 rose considerably according to governm

It looked like a scene from Black Friday in America. But it was in France.

Intermarché supermarkets suffered near-riot conditions. Customers were brawling and screaming in the aisles, punches were thrown and the elderly shoved to the side.

Local Mayor Bans 'non-Pork' Meals in French Schools

Mayor Julien Sanchez

The mayor of a small city in southern France has put an end to “non-pork” meal choices for its students.

Chaos Results From Discounted Nutella Spread

Nutella Spread

A promotion on the part of a French supermarket chain Intermarche resulted


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On Saturday, February 3, several thousand people filled the streets of the Corsican city of Ajaccio.

For those who have had dreams of spending a night with a sex doll in the French capital have their wishes come true courtesy of first love Poupee Brothel.

Mountain climber Elisabeth Revol was found on the summit over the weekend and rushed to a hospital in Pakistan.

It's not every day that a children's magazine causes an international incident, but that's exactly what