French Government Cracks Down On Distracted Driving With New Mobile Phone Proposal

Distracted Driving

In an effort to reduce traffic fatalities, French authorities want to impose harsher

French Government Plans To Reduce Speed Limits On Countryside Roads

Speed Limits

Despite strong opposition from locals, road enforcement agencies are planning to reduce

Macron’s “France is Back” Speech Makes Plea for European Unity

President Macron

“France is back at the core of Europe,” pronounced Emmanuel Macron at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Striking Prison Guards Blockade Two-Thirds of France's Prisons

Prison Guards

French prison guards have blocked access to more jails in response to newly reported attacks by inmates.

Despite Macron's Promises, Tough Conditions Still Exist For Refugees Stuck On Paris Streets


The cold winter air is making it more difficult for hundreds of refugees who are still sleeping on the streets of Paris as they wait for asylum in France.

Famed French Chef Passes Away

Paul Bocuse

French culinary giant Paul Bocuse has past away at the age of 91 from Parkinson's disease.


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