France's Right-Wing Party Changes Name, Image

France’s far right political party has voted to change its name.

A Coalition Fights to Fill the Gap that Was Left by US’s Exit on the Paris Deal

Paris Climate Change Agreement

United States President Donald Trump did not have enough time to leave the White House Rose Garden after announcing that Washington was going to leave the Paris climate change agreement.

Study Suggests One Million People In France Gave Up Smoking Last Year


An astonishing one million Frenchmen and women decided to ditch the hazardous habit of dai

One Million People In France Have Quit Smoking Within The Last Year


The Health Minister of France recently announced that one million people in France have quit smoking within the past year.

Paris Slated To Cut Down On Emissions


Whether one believes in the fact of science-supported climate change and its many, many manifestations - just one of the manifestations of climate change as accelerated by humans outside the

Bordeaux Region Gets Pummeled With Hail


Hundreds of vineyards spanning thousands of hectares in the Bordeaux wine region of southwestern France were ravaged by hailstorms this Saturday.


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The European Union's two largest powers met in a small summit to discuss the issues of immigration in an increasingly destabilizing and controversy-ridden EU.

A Belgian-French industrialist, who happened to be a target of France’s most dishonorable kidnappings, has passed on at the age of 80 years.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Music Video

What does one of the world's most famous paintings have in common with one of the world's most famous musical couples?

The rescue ship Aquarius was finally accepted by Spain, but about half of its pas