AMD Ryzen Single Core Reaches 5GHz Overclocking and Offers Amazing Performance

AMD Ryzen Single Core Reaches 5GHz Overclocking and Offers Amazing Performance

AMD has not officially announced capabilities of its Ryzen processor but the company teased technology experts with few details about its latest high performance processor. AMD also released demonstration of Ryzen and the processor offered better performance compared to Intel Core i7-6900K. AMD could release its new processor in few weeks.

Few days back, technology experts at France-based CanardPC tested and reviewed AMD’s latest processor. The review shared by CanardPC hints that the performance of Ryzen is better than Intel Core i7-6900K. Also, technology experts now suggest that during overclocking Ryzen reaches even 5GHz.

The review was conducted by CanardPC on Ryzen ES CPU sample with 8-cores and 3.15 GHZ processing speed. The team at CanardPC noticed that the frequency was limited to 3.3GHz which is lower than the final expected base frequency of 3.4GHz with turbo frequencies reaching even better performance for Ryzen.

The review also suggested that AMD’s new processor offers 35 percent improvement in IPC gains. AMD claimed that the newer processor offers 40% in IPC gains.

A report published by CustomPC Review said, “Power efficiency has improved significantly with the AMD Ryzen ES CPU requiring just 93W at load, drawing a similar amount of power as the Intel Core i7-6900K. Most importantly, this is significantly lower than the power consumption of the AMD FX-8370 which required 118w at load.”

However, Ryzen shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for Intel processors. The benchmark results put Ryzen at number 7 in terms of gaming rankings. The processor performed below Intel Core i5 6600 processor.

A report published by MobiPicker informed, “One of the reasons AMD could not compete with Intel is because of Intel’s lead in manufacturing technology. Intel’s smaller process technology has given its chips the ability to run at higher speed. AMD has now embraced the latest 14nm FinFET technology for its Ryzen processor.”

However, it should be noted that CanardPC results were conducted on test processors. The retail version of processor could offer improved performance.

Commenting on AMD’s release about its latest processor, TechRadar report added, “At any rate, we can’t draw too much in the way of conclusions from these early tests, but they’re likely to excite those hoping that AMD will indeed ‘ryze’ to the challenge of providing a true rival for Intel with this next-generation desktop processor.”

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