Patient’s confidential medical notes sent by the NHS to India

Patient’s confidential medical notes sent by the NHS to India

Due to increasing pressure on mangers to cut cost, UK based HealthCare major NHS is sending millions of patient records including names, addresses, NHS numbers and confidential medical notes to India for processing.

As number of information being sent abroad is increasing, there is a risk of patients being identified if the NHS numbers are matched with anonymous clinical notes carrying NHS numbers.

Seven primary care trusts in north-east London, serving more than 1.5m people, are thought to have begun sending patient details abroad including The Royal Free Hospital in London, the Derby hospitals trust and the Newham University hospital trust.

Consultant records the clinical notes on patient based on his findings during the session into the voice recorder, after that recording is transmitted to a computer and sent to India where it is transcribed.

The information is then computed into databases by workers in Pune, India.

According to Department of Health spokesman, "NHS Shared Business Services provides business support services such as finance and accounting, payroll and family health services to the NHS. It does not transcribe patient notes or doctors’ letters.”

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