Karl rules the Chanel spring/summer 2011 collection

Karl rules the Chanel spring/summer 2011 collection

It was as gala as event as expected and Karl Lagerfield was the star of the recently concluded Chanel spring/summer 2011. Karl was like the commander of all the 39,000sq m at the Grand Palais along with a philharmonic orchestra.

The show was attended by close to 2,000 guests and is considered to be one of the main events in the world of fashion and glamour industry.

The whole stage was grand in nature and was shown as a replica of formal French garden. It was made in total black and white color with all kind of geometrical patterns seen all around the place. Some called it gala and others called it spectacular, but the event that that was organized at beau monde of Paris was a force in itself.

While the original idea was to show the mastery of man over nature, what turned out at the end was the exciting work of Karl and his continuous endeavor to bring about refreshed symbols time and again in Chanel's heritage.

The show was huge in nature with close to 90 models participating in it and it was reflection of a monochrome theme that was running deep down in it.

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