Repair work forces carrier to come back

Repair work forces carrier to come back

As per the information given by a French navy spokesman, Charles de Gaulle which is an aircraft carrier has been forced to come back to base. This has happened because the aircraft is facing technical and physical damages and was in dire need for repairs.

This happened on the very day the aircraft was supposed to go for supporting the fight going on in Afghanistan.

Capt. Hugues d'Argentree, who is involved with the repair work said that the same involves faulty insulation for an electric cabinet. This is present in the propulsion system of the carrier.

He further added that return to port was more of a "common sense" decision since the repair work was not possible in mid sea and it would be some days before the work gets over.

The recovery time of the sea is possible and there is no change in the time when it should reach Afghanistan.

It was the only aircraft carrier to be sent by France since the launch mission in the Muslim country began in May 2007. The new mission of the ship is to join the fight against pirates that is taking place off the coast of Somalia in Indian Ocean when the NATO mission is ongoing.

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