Nepal Court Delays Verdict on French 'Bikini Killer'

Nepal Court Delays Verdict on French 'Bikini Killer'

Supreme Court in Nepal has postponed the verdict in the case of a murder conviction appeal for two more weeks.

This appeal has been filed by Charles Sobhraj, a Bikini Killer, who is accused of being a part in an American backpacker, Connie Joe killing, in Asia. Investigators claim his involvement in the case of 20 backpackers' killings. At present, he is serving a life sentence of 20 years. Shobraj had been saying repeatedly that at the time of the murder, he was not there in Nepal.

At the time of killing, the backpacker was stabbed frequently, after which her body was left in the outskirts of Kathmandu.

The justice bench comprising two judges, Ram Prasad Shah and Gauri Dhakal said that more time was required to go through the documents, which were submitted in the later stages of the case. His conviction was rejected in the year 2005, as well.

Shobraj was arrested in a casino in Kathmandu in 2003, and since then, he has been saying that it was his first visit to the country.

Investigators in the case have informed that they were sure about Shobraj's involvement in the murder case, as the signatures on registration cards of hotels at the time of killing were found to be similar.

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