Scientists Attempt To Boost Broccoli’s Ability To Fight Cancer

Whether you love or hate it, scientists report those crunchy green florets of broccoli are good for you, as they contain a powerful cancer fighting agent i.e. sulforaphane that even over cooking finds impossible to destroy.

According to a recently released study, lower gut bacteria help broccoli to release its power, which friendly bacteria known as probiotics are useful in digesting broccoli, thus helping to release and absorb sulforaphane into the body.

Elizabeth Jeffery, a Professor of Human Nutrition said this discovery will assist in enhancing the activity of these bacteria inhabiting the colon, thereby helping increase broccoli’s cancer-preventive power.

It is comforting to know despite overcooking broccoli and the unwitting destruction of the plant enzyme that gives us sulforaphane, it is possible for the microbiota in our digestive tract to salvage some of this cancer preventive agent.

Sulforaphane is a highly potent cancer fighter and just three to five servings of broccoli a week, are sufficient to have an anti-cancer effect.

This high fibre cruciferous superfood with its powerful cancer fighting agent can be made even healthier, by adding it to yoghurt.

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