International Power- GDF Suez Deal Gains Popularity

International Power- GDF Suez Deal Gains Popularity

The ongoing deal between GDF Suez and International Power has attracted global attention, with countries like France, appreciating its worth.

France is the majority shareholder in GDF Suez. The document released today has included everything which a deal sees, i. e., discussions and negotiations on price, debt structure and the sum to be paid to International Power's stakeholders.

However, what brings a big concern to the French authorities is the possibility of reverse acquisition, which will see IP considering the takeover of GDF Suez.

Here, GDF Suez will have to invest large assets, in order to attain a majority stake in the Company.

The industry analysts are of the view that International Power is not a huge energy player, despite having market capitalization worth £5bn.

Earlier, the balance sheets were not seen as a basic parameter for measuring a Company's market strength, but over the last couple of years, the industry has undergone a change.

IP has been gaining popularity due its strong balance sheet records.

It has been speculated that the deal is likely to come across a couple of challenges. The greatest concern is that the shareholders in IP are a little insecure about receiving their premiums from the deal.

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