Areva says China can build French Reactor for 40% Less

Areva says China can build French Reactor for 40% Less

Areva SA has recently made an announcement that the EPR nuclear reactor that costs close to 3 billion euros ($4 billion) in a situation when it is build in China will cost 40 percent less than the price tag at which Electricite de France SA has got one on building one in Normandy.

There is no denying the fact that the Chinese nuclear builders use a technology which is nothing but worrying in nature for the long-run and hence European companies do not like to go for the same.

Areva Chief Executive Officer Anne Lauvergeon mentioned that the Chinese companies are very much efficient as compared to a level at which they are perceived by the European companies.

It may be noted here that the third-generation reactor which is designed by Areva is currently being built in France, Finland and China at different budgets and construction schedules. The CEO of Areva also mentioned that the EPR is not at all expensive as compared to the competition for the same product and all the lessons that the company has learned in the Finland market will be used in the construction process at Taishan.

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