President Nicolas Sarkozy plans major changes for Global Economy

The Presidential elections in France are 18 months away and one might expect French President Nicolas Sarkozy to be centering his energy on something a tad closer to home than the rotating leadership of the G20.

However, Sarkozy's interest in assuming the G20 presidency is running quiet as his ambitions to use the situation to guide in essential changes to the global financial system.

Sarkozy's conviction shows that the going on global crisis calls for urgent alteration to the way the world does business. On Thursday, it was believed when he joined German Chancellor Angela Merkel with an aim for the European Union's emergency fund.

He also held that a successful period as president of the G20 next year may be the input to bring back the French presidency.

He had a protest over the reform of France's pension system — and reducing approval ratings that curved in to just above 25%.

He might have been pardoned for the reason that he faces in the run up to France's 2012 presidential election.

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