Request of Portsmouth lesbian couple to marry

Request of Portsmouth lesbian couple to marry

A registry office has rejected the application for a marriage license which was given by a lesbian couple.

The couple named Colette French and Katie Green of Portsmouth, aged 21 have gone Petersfield Register office earlier.

The couple achieved the approach to a dare to the UK's legal ban. It also related to the same-sex marriage. Ms French told that it was very sad when their application was rejected.

Since December 2005 Gay couples have been capable to have universal partnerships but there was a ban in getting married.

This couple, Ms French and Ms Green are being held by campaign group Equal Love. This also opposes the prohibition on gay marriage and straight civil partnerships.

The couple alleged that they would not give up; they would take their letter of rejection to their lawyer with a vision to tricky the ban in court.

They believed that there letter would be rejected and for this they are ready. They are not the first couple to do such case to courts; more than eight couples have also given such cases. All are disagreeing that UK law distinguishes against gay people.

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