French police are in controversy for using Taser

French police are in controversy for using Taser

Officials informed that a colonist from Mali has died during an argument. He was shot twice by the French police with a Taser electric stun gun.

Police informed that at a Paris mansion block, the 38-year-old man had attacked officers with a hammer. He did so when he was asked for identity papers.

He was not only tear-gassed but also struck with a rod. There is an order given by the French prosecutors to have an inquiry into the matter and find out the exact cause of death.

But correspondents said that there might be a detailed argument regarding the use of Tasers.

The whole incident was caused on the Tuesday when police were called to an argument at a building in the Paris colony of Colombes. In the same building, the Malian resident also stayed. It was later found that he was staying unlawfully in France.

A police spokesperson explained the action of staff and informed that the whole incident took place when the man was asked to show the identity papers by the officers. Instead of showing identity, he turned and grabbed a hammer. Four officers were injured in the incident.

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