British couple faces death in French Alps

British couple faces death in French Alps

A British couple faced death when they got caught up in an avalanche while they were skiing on the French Alps.

And while the lady has survived and was rescued, the gentleman is still said to be buried under the ice. He is said to be still fighting for his life. The name of the couple is David Robinson and his wife Christine.

They were both present on the slopes when the snow engulfed them. They were caught unaware even while they were present in their resort of Val D’Isere.

The rescue team fears that it will be tough for the 67 year old David to survive as he is said to be beneath three feet of ice. His avalanche transceiver is giving out signal.

David and his wife have come from Southampton, Hampshire. His wife was safer because she was able to trigger her avalanche airbag. This is a new invention and works just like a car airbag.

But unfortunately for her husband, the airbag did not launch at the right time.

This is not the first incident of the season, British skier John Atkinson too got caught up and died in the Alps.

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