Thief Targets Old Painting

Thief Targets Old Painting

Even though the Manet-style Emile Zola portrait is not very valuable and it is only valued at $7,500, it was very valuable for its owner Gertie Lerner. The painting along with a framed 9 x 12-inch, black and white portrait of its owner at age 17 had a lot of sentimental value for Lerner. It was stolen by a woman from Lerner's room at a west-side rest home.

Lerner is 105 years old and is feeling sad with the theft of the painting and her portrait.

The police are also looking for the thief and feel that the surveillance cameras caught a glimpse of the thief, who stole the painting.

A woman was seen entering the room where the painting was present on July 11 around 6 p. m. and she was carrying flowers, duffel bag and a large flat cardboard box. The woman walked into the room directly and left the room after four minutes.

As per the video surveillance, she was leaving the building, carrying a box and shoulder bag. The theft of the painting was discovered after one day by the family members.

The woman was not identified by the family members and the building staff. Police feel that the woman was familiar with the plan of the home and it was a planned robbery.

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