Unemployment touches the highest within 3 months

Unemployment touches the highest within 3 months

According to experts, unemployment has touched the highest level in 15 years as per the records for the last three months.

Within three months from December to February, the number of unemployed reaches 2.5 million, increased by 43,000 touching the highest figure since November 1994.

The category of economically inactive people that do not work due to some illness or studying or caring for family climbed by 110,000 and touched the highest 8.1 million.

However, the number of people who claim for jobless benefits decreased by 33,000 to 1.54 million in March.

Those people are included under the category of claimants who are seeking job and are ready to start a new job within a fortnight.

Those workers can claim jobseeker's allowances who lose their jobs but the partner is employed.

There has been increase of 11.2 per cent within three months from December in the number of people in government training and employment schemes.

The number of part time workers increased by13, 000, touch the highest record of 1.05 million since 1992.

It is estimated that the unemployment will further increase from 8 percent to 83 percent, reaching 100,000 this year.

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