Asterix McDonald's Ad Agitates French

Asterix McDonald's Ad Agitates French

French comic fans and bloggers are reported to have irked following a McDonald's ad featuring iconic characters from a known and successful series. The fans dropped down on the streets this week, launching a severe agitation.

The ad featured a Gallic independence character Asterix along with his crew of warriors eating in a fast food giant's restaurants in the U.S.

The poster, which has flaunted the French streets witnessed this week, has extended a huge shock, one Internet commentator posted. He further expressed that how the authors of the well known comic series could have permitted featuring Asterix in such a manner.

Till now, the legendary comic book adventures of the first century BC warrior are reported to have sold 325 million copies including 200 million abroad sales. In addition, the comic series had been translated into 107 languages and dialects.

"I don't know what to say except express my deep disgust", posted Georges Abitbol on the website over the matter.

Another blogger expressed his agitation by posting, "It's not that much of a shock. It's hardly the first time our Gauls have put money first”.

However, Asterix's publishers, Les Editions Albert Rene, said that they never wanted to trigger a debate.

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