Two Britons Killed While Climbing in French Alps

Two Britons Killed While Climbing in French Alps

Two Britons die, falling almost a thousand feet while climbing in France. Hiking in the Dent du Géant, a prominent peak in the Mont Blanc massif, a 20-year-old woman and 38-year-old man fell and died.

After hearing desperate screams of the climbers, the emergency services were alerted. The accident is said to have taken place at 10.30am on Monday, the climbers are believed to have set off from the town of Chamonix, on Sunday.

One theory coming up is that a rock became extricated above them and hit them at 10,800 feet.

“Two Britons were climbing the Dent du Géant. They were ascending and were near the summit when suddenly they fell. They fell 300 metres. An investigation is underway into why the accident happened but we have ruled out an avalanche. It is possible that a boulder hit them. The weather was good on Monday”, Captain Benoit Tonanny, from the town’s mountain rescue team said.

He further said that they were called after 10.30 am by some climbers, who had heard the sufferers screams. They then sent a helicopter for their rescue but they could not save them as they died instantly.

The Dent du Géant, or Giant’s Tooth, is 13,100 feet high and runs all along the Franco-Italian boundary and it was first climbed in 1882.

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