WWII internment recalled by French Roma

WWII internment recalled by French Roma

In a village of French Saumur Wine Region you can just see some staircases, which go nowhere. Today, these are the only signs of the place where there was a camp for thousands of French Gypsies who served their internship during World War II.

The episode was shameful for the French people, as the camps administered and guarded by Frenchman themselves, thousands of gypsies who were their own countrymen were interred. If anyone tried to escape, he was locked in a hole underground. As French Govt. is going ahead with the deportment of the French Romas, they say that they are still being discriminated against by the French Govt.

To protest against the same, they have drawn the plan of the memorial at the site of camp.

France, the country which pride on itself as a cradle of human rights, the shocking thing still continued till 1946, they continued the internship of some Gypsies, even after the end of Nazi occupation.

The French Govt. has only to blame them as they themselves were in charge. Finally in July after so many years, Montreuil-Bellay which was the largest camp was finally classified as a protected historic site.

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