Hackers breach important medical server

Unknown hackers have been said to have hacked an important medical server. They did it so that they could use the resources for hosting the popular game- Call of Duty: Black Ops. The server is said to have stored important and sensitive information about 230,000 people.

The warning was issued by New Hampshire-based Seacoast Radiology. In the report, the officials said that the server had been hacked and that their information like names, social security numbers, medical diagnosis codes, address, and other details could be under threat.

The website where the information was given had asked the members of the medical group to keep monitoring their credit reports. In case they find out any kind of identity theft, it should be reported immediately so that the information cannot be misused.

No details about the hackers are available till now. And Lisa MacKenzie, a spokeswoman for ID Experts, which was the first one to respond, said that the bandwidth that the server was using was for Call of Duty game.

The hackers, it claimed, wer sitting somewhere in Scandinavia and they got the ability to spoof IP addresses.

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