Disciplinary action against Corrective Services staff over drug testing failure

The door to following a disciplinary hearing against the Corrective Services staff regarding an unsuccessful venture of following drug analysing processes has been left ajar by ACT Attorney General Simon Corbell.

It is the policy of the Government that the entire team of inmates must be checked up prior to getting into Canberra's jail in order to identify members for the purpose of drug rehabilitation.

He has also informed that all the prisoners have not been checked on admission to the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC). The Corrective Services have been alleged by Mr Corbell of misleading him. There has been an order by him of a review of the governance as well as accountability procedures in Corrective Services along with an inquiry as to the manner in which the Government had been misled.

The enquiry will be led by the ex chief of Queensland Corrective Services Keith Hamburger. He has said that he wished to see the results of Mr Hamburger's investigation. He has also hinted to take some additional steps as well if required further.

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