Salmonella Outbreak Alerted the Health Authorities

Salmonella Outbreak Alerted the Health Authorities

There is no early respite from the salmonella outbreak. As per a latest report, 10 cases were reported in the last week leading the total number of diseases cases to 107.

Nevertheless, the potential cause of this spiraling infection seems to be custard cakes, health authorities are not confirming the real cause of this massive outbreak.

As per the reported cases, severe food poisoning is being reported in all the victims. Many patients have reportedly claimed that they had to bear an extra health cost in the wake of this serious issue. However, they were discharged from the hospitals; most of the people have suffered considerable weight loss.

Among all the victims, the case of Luke Potter, a 26-year-ol butcher is the most prominent. As per the sources, Luke reported sever stomach pain due to possible food poisoning, and was immediately referred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Following such incidents, around 40 victims are expected to file a legal case against the manufacturers and suppliers of the custard products seeking compensation.

In the wake of grave concern over the outbreak, SA Health Director of Public Health, Dr. Kevin Buckett has made an appeal to conduct a full fledge investigation in the matter to unearth the real cause of salmonella outbreak.

However, SA Health has pulled all the questioned custard products from the market as a precautionary measure.

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