Healthcare in Cambridgeshire is worrying

Healthcare in Cambridgeshire is worrying

It has been warned by an NHS watchdog that there are serious failures when it comes to situation of mental health in Cambridgeshire. This calls for some enforcement actions to be taken so that the failures are seen and rectified.

Name of the watchdog Care Quality Commission (CQC) and said that health-related services at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) are far below the level at which they should be.

That is not all the report has also raised concerns regarding the protection of vulnerable people and also safety of the premises. CQC told the trusts that if immediate actions are not taken to improve the level of standards then the mental health situation of the region will go down drastically.

During the survey it was found out by the CQC inspectors that close to five regulations were getting breached and these are related to welfare, staffing, safeguarding people, assessing and monitoring service provision. Some also deal with monitoring safety of the premises.

Said Jenny Raine, CPFT chief executive that they are quite disappointed by the conclusions that have been drawn and CQC report has surprised many.

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