Price for the Nintendo 3DS Reduced

Price for the Nintendo 3DS Reduced

Buying the Nintendo 3DS has become even easier for its customers. The makers of the product have reduced its price. Looking at the competition of the market the prices were reduced to £187. It is expected to be launched in the next three weeks in UK.

The Nintendo is a 3D gaming handheld which does not require the user to wear glasses. It uses a special parallax technology to create a 3D image.

The customers have been already excited about the launch in three weeks and the reduced prices have become the added bonus. The Morrisons is requesting people to pay a deposit of £10 to get the Nintendo at the offered price.

Amazon seems to be the reason for starting the price-cut trend as they offered the glasses-free 3D device at £197. The prices were reduced from the £230 to £197 with the intention to attract the customers but the Morrisons reduced the price even further to £187.

Looking at the competition between the Amazon and the Morrisons it is expected that there will be a further reduction in the price. Whatever the reason might be it will at least help the customer to get a better value for his money. Another reduction is expected soon by the Amazon.

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