Does Your Kid Get The Right Food At School?

Does Your Kid Get The Right Food At School?

There is a dire need of reforms in the Public schools of Boston. The schools here lack inventory controls. There was a thorough examination done by the school and there were many shortcoming found in the system.

The major issue that was found here was that the school served beef and eggs that had been stored for as long as 2 years. The schools have received hard criticism in lieu of this and there was an acknowledgement made by the officials of the school about the sorry situation of inventory and menus. They did though defend the quality of their foods.

They said that though this is a case of negligence, the track record of the schools has been good and they have been serving nutritious food to the students since so many years.

“Let’s be clear, the food we serve to our students is safe; all the food is safe,’’ said Johnson, who took over in 2007. “Our managers and kitchen staff would never serve anything that they would not serve to their own families’’.

There needs to be the set up of a proper regulation system for the monitoring of the food and safety of the school children. The school authorities need to be careful about the nutrition and health of children.

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