Uproar over the Exit of Two Lung Cancer Specialists of AHS

Uproar over the Exit of Two Lung Cancer Specialists of AHS

There is no early respite for the Alberta Health Services (AHS). As the AHS was struggling to counter the allegations made by Independent MLA Dr. Raj Sherman that 250 patients on a lung surgical waiting list died from 2003 through 2006, another feud has been sparked between Alberta Liberal Leader, David Swann and Dr. Tony Fields, Alberta’s lead doctor of cancer care.

As per the reports, Dr. Tony Fields has claimed that the potential reason of poor survival rate of lung cancer in the province is because of the exit of two prominent lung surgeons in Edmonton, Dr. Ciaran McNamee and Dr. Tim Winton.

If hospital sources are to be believed, both the doctors had raised voice against the available health resources and were forced to quit the position as the board was not happy with their open allegations.

Defending his stance, Dr. Tony Fields claimed that the two questioned doctors were strong supporters of bringing radical reforms to improve the treatment of lung cancer.

Responding to the questions raised by Dr. Tony Fields, David Swann claimed that there is no possible connection between the two and further refuted the charges that both the doctors were reprimanded for showing disconcert in public domain.

Moreover, David Swann has recommended health-care workers, including doctors, nurses and other professionals to not to share their personal views in public domain.

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