Mowafaghian Donates $15 Million to UBC Brain Research Centre

Mowafaghian Donates $15 Million to UBC Brain Research Centre

Djavad Mowafaghian, a philanthropist, donated $15 million of the $62 million required to build a new brain research center and care facility in front of UBC Hospital on Westbrook Mall. The building, which will be named Djavad Mowafagian Centre for Brain health will be completed in 2013, and will allow all the brain care providers and researches scattered across Vancouver to work together under one roof.

“Mr. Mowafaghian’s generous gift will unite research in neuroscience, mental health and addiction medicine while bringing research and patient care under one roof”, said Stephen Toope, President of UBC. He said that the new building would not only benefit the people in British Columbia, but the world in general since brain research is one of the last medical frontiers.

In a statement, Mr. Mowafaghian said that he was initially attracted to the UBC faculty because of the way they focused some of their research on childhood brain disorders.

Last year, Mr. Mowafagian suffered a stroke, but was lucky enough to have recovered. He said that thousands of others across the country of Canada suffered strokes but many of them are not as fortunate as him; either dying or not making a full recovery. He said he hoped the new facility would lay the foundations of brain health discoveries, and that he hoped it would also improve the lives of children.

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