Seeking Health Services in the US Can Be a Hard Decision

Seeking Health Services in the US Can Be a Hard Decision

Recently, the case of Edward Tchorzewsk, the brother of the late NDP Cabinet Minister, Ed Tchorzewsk, has exposed the reality of the US Health Services.

The sufferer was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2009 and suggested to appear for the radiation therapy as he was in the early stages of his illness.

At Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the doctors diagnosed the case more advanced than it appeared and performed the required surgery immediately in order to control the swift spread of cancer. The whole treatment process, followed by a bill of around $60,000 has halted patient’s illness but increased his debts significantly.

The local government has denied victim’s request for reimbursement of medical cost of $60,000 because he had not received a referral. Later on, his family members forwarded the case to the local ombudsman's office.

However, the Health Minister, Don McMorris, has refused to talk about any particular case but admitted that previously there was an appeal process for cases with “special circumstances” and the government is in the process of setting up an appeal committee.

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