Samsung and Apple Sue Each Other Over Patent Violations

Samsung and Apple Sue Each Other Over Patent Violations

Samsung Electronics Co. has sued Apple Inc. for patent rights violations just days after Apple sued Samsung for the same thing. In lawsuits filed in Seoul, Tokyo and Mannheim, Samsung said that Apple violated 10 different patents for computers and smart phones.

Days before, Apple filed a suit against Samsung in a California court in which they said that Samsung’s like of Galaxy smart phones and tablet computers copied the iPhone and the iPad in look, packaging, product design, style, and operation.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s lawsuit states specifically that Apple copied the technology that optimizes and reduces power usage during transmission. It also says that Apple violated 3G technology patents that reduced errors in data transmissions along with a method to connect a mobile phone to a PC in order to allow the PC to use the phone’s wireless data connection to get on the internet.

In the mean time while its case against Apple is resolved, Samsung said on Monday that it would actively respond to Apple’s allegations against them by taking the legal measures necessary to protect their intellectual property.

After Apple filed the lawsuit against Samsung, their shares went down 2.5% in Seoul.

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