NYSE Take Over by Deutsche Boerse AG is Said to be Cost Saving

NYSE Take Over by Deutsche Boerse AG is Said to be Cost Saving

The joining of the New York based NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Boerse of Frankfurt, according to reports, will produce 400 million Euros, which is higher than the 300 million Euro cost savings announced previously.

The merger is also said to boost NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Boerse revenue to 100million Euros and the companies intend to convince shareholders that their deal which will take 6 months to finalize is worth more than the offer made by NASDAQ OMX Group Inc and Intercontinental Exchange Inc.

Owing to the fact that merging with them generates higher expense cuts while Deutsche Boerse gave them more savings and expense reductions.

The offer made by Nasdaq OMX and ICE was said to have been rejected twice this month by NYSE Euronext as it was only going to generate more debt before its completion.

Though NYSE Euronext found a reported 100 million in additional mergers, Nasdaq OMX and ICE have stated that the increase did not come from the intensity of their work and has called on the companies to explain how they came about such increase.

However, Sen. Charles Schumer has asked Nasdaq OMX and ICE to first estimate their job-loss before embarking on the bid for NYSE Euronext.

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