KFC Canada to Re-Release Double Down Sandwich

KFC Canada to Re-Release Double Down Sandwich

A KFC in downtown Toronto will be one of 15 locations across the country to preview the highly anticipated Double Down sandwich for two hours on May 27 before its official re-release into the Canadian Market on June 1.

An official press release from KFC said that the most delicious and celebrated sandwich in Canada was making its return. During its original release last year, the sandwich created a lot of buzz because of its seeming liberal use of the meaning of the word “sandwich”. The high-calorie menu item is made up of two “buns” of chicken breast patties, with bacon and cheese in between.

“Canadians have been craving the premium, meaty, satisfying taste of Double Down for months”, said David Vivenes of Yum! Restaurants, Canada. “The wait is finally over”.

The first time the Double Down sandwich was sold in Canada for around five weeks last fall, more than 1 million were sold, making it the highest-selling item ever in the history of KFC Canada. When the sandwich re-releases this summer, it will once again only be available for a short period of time.

Beginning on June 1, the sandwich will once again be available to Canadian citizens, but this time it will contain 10% less sodium. However, its 30 grams of fat and 540 calories remain the same.

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