Bionic Eyes Receive Grant of Implantation in Britain

Bionic Eyes Receive Grant of Implantation in Britain

European regulators sanctioned the artificial retina implantations in Britain, this implantation can make blind people see. After a study on 30 patients, the treatment has been allowed; it was able to provide some vision to the blind, as per The Times London.

A special kind of dark glasses have been made with camera using Argus II, it helps sending signal to 60 electrodes implanted in the retina, which are communicated to the optic nerve. Once the implantation is done the blind can at least see light, motion and color, they can identify large objects and read large letters on screens

The treatment was created especially for people with a degenerative and fatal disease called renetis pigmentosa (RP), one out of 4000 are infected with the disease. Lyndon Da Cruz, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Moorefield’s Eye Hospital in London who treated seven of the ten British patients, said, "Patients with RP who can afford it can now have an artificial retina. It is proof of principle, always the great unknown with new technology”.

The technology has been made by Second Sight, and they hope it will soon be available on NHS. In order to get the implantation done, a patient needs to spend around £50,000 and receiving training to use such gadget would cost £10,000.

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