Boeing Bags Orders for Five of 777s and Two of 737s


Boeing Co. reported bagging orders for seven new planes, including one 777 that has been booked by American Airlines. Other orders reportedly include four more 777s and two 737s for unnamed customers. Boeing also named Continental Airlines as the first customer for 11 of its 737s planes. However they accepted that they had lost an order for a 737.

Boeing's acclaimed 777 is based to be used on long routes and its price can go as high as $284 million. They produce more of the smaller 737s, which are supposed to be used on shorter routes and they can cost about $80 million. Boeing has successful bagged as many as 101 orders for the 737 till now and about 66 of the 777s. Boeing in a report said that it is competing with EADS unit Airbus for orders and has bagged 133 orders till now in 2011.

Boeing’s shares saw an upsurge of 34 cents at $75.69 on the New York Stock Exchange.

In other news, Boeing has added Skymark Airlines to its list of clientele for the 737 Component Services Program. Boeing claims that this program can help airlines save nearly 30% on their inventory, repair, administrative and other overhead costs.

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