Unions Concerned Over Health Jobs

Unions Concerned Over Health Jobs

Cuts to frontline health jobs by the Tasmanian Government has seen it under pressure to review the cuts, over fears they may result in half the Royal Hobart Hospital’s acute care wards closing down.

In an effort to achieve savings of up to $40 million this financial year, has raised concerns among the unions that 240 southern health workers will lose their jobs.

Neroli Ellis from the Nursing Federation said that would equate to the closure of five acute care wards of the Royal Hobart Hospital.

She said crisis management and decisions are being made as in education, but will have to be reversed due to unsustainablity.

The unions have been accused of being alarmist by the Southern Health Service, however, the information, Tim Jacobson from the Health and Community Service Union insists, comes from health officials.

Meanwhile, tenders have been released for the $580 million Royal Hobart Hospital’s second stage of redevelopment.

The outpatient clinics in Davey Street Work will soon see work beginning on their upgrade and expansion, which was described as exciting by the Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne, in a statement made by her.

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