Authorities Suspect Nurse for Stepping Hill Hospital Deaths

Authorities Suspect Nurse for Stepping Hill Hospital Deaths

Authorities have sealed the flat of a 27-year-old nurse, suspected murderer subsequent to deaths of three patients at a hospital in Greater Manchester. The officers arrested Rebecca Leighton at her Buxton Road home on Wednesday morning and found six bags of items along with a computer from the flat and anticipated that insulin was deliberately injected into saline containers by her.

Additionally, the Nursing and Midwifery Council has notified some preceding actions on her nursing registration while she is under investigation. Further, hospital security has been increased and the staff is directed to work in pairs when they check or administer drugs.

The Chief Executive of NMC, Professor Dickon Weir-Hugh, had refused to make any further comment on the episode. "We have commenced fitness to practice proceedings with a view to suspending her from the register as quickly as possible”, added Professor Dickon Weir-Hugh."The NMC is the only organization with the authority to protect the public by suspending a nurse's registration while they are under investigation”.

As an attempt to resolve the case as soon as possible, Senior NHS officers at the hospital are scheduled to have a daily meeting with the police.

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