Heart Attack while at ICU can be treated: Study

Heart Attack while at ICU can be treated: Study

A research reveals that patients who experience heart attack in intensive care unit (ICU) were at a higher chance of survival than the others. The death rate of patients who were admitted in general ICU was higher than of those who were admitted in the coronary care or cardiac surgical ICUs.

The Canadian researchers examined the data of 517 patients, average age 67, who experienced heart attack while in the ICUs of four Alberta hospitals. The data showed that only 27% of the patients managed to recover completely, 24% of the patients survived for 1 year and 16% survived for another 5 years.

As per a statement of Dr. Demetrios Kutsogiannis, University of Alberta, "Although overall survival among ICU patients may have greatly improved, survival among those experiencing cardiac arrest in the ICU, particularly arrest due to pulse less electrical activity or asystole, remained comparatively poor”.

The researchers expect that the research will be helpful to people in understanding the results of heart attacks in the hospital intensive and coronary care units. They further stated that they expect the research will help people in making correct decisions while trying to save a person from dying.

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