C.Difficile Outbreak Prompts Hospital Employments

C.Difficile Outbreak Prompts Hospital Employments

Queensway-Carleton Hospital in west Ottawa, which is dealing with five cases of C. difficile, is reportedly taking steps to prevent the infection as they have boosted the recruitment of cleaning staff.

Also, the cleaning staff members will prepare for cleaning the hospital room in the middle of increased concerns over C. difficile, as the doctors’ main aim is prescribing more targeted dosages rather than the usual antibiotics.

Dr. Doug Snider stated: “There needs to be a focus on the right antibiotic for the right illness at the right dose, and the public plays a role by keeping their hands clean before going to the hospital and during their stay, plus trying to avoid waiting room washrooms".

However, hospital officials have expressed that an outbreak puts more pressure on each pair of workers who often take up to 45 minutes to clean up an infected room, and the extra work affects the emergency rooms as it tries not to rush patients in before it is clean and secure.

Moreover, the outbreak is reported to have resulted a day after the Ontario government announced it had taken over the Niagara Health System, right after a fatal outbreak of infection accounted for the death of 31 people in the region since the end of May.

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